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Music Hall

  The Music Hall at Snug Harbor is the second oldest existing theater in New York City, second to Carnegie Hall only by a few months.  Remaining true to the Greek Revival tradition, the Music Hall is marked by its mighty ionic columns and harmonious architectural elements.  The interior of the Music Hall, however, encourages a marriage between an ancient Roman architectural traditio... »

Cottage Row

The late 19th century map indicates which professional staff members lived in the cottages.  The secretary, engineer, gardener, banker, and farmer lived in their own respective cottages.  Remaining true to their original intention as living quarters, Snug Harbor has allowed the cottages to serve as a residency for emerging artists.  Snug Harbor’s Artist in Residency Program wa... »

Neptune Fountain

The image above is a postcard depicting Snug Harbor’s Neptune Fountain in the foreground and the Music Hall and the destroyed Randall Memorial Church in the background.  The white marble Randall Memorial Church was built by Robert W. Gibson.  It was completed in 1893 and demolished in 1952.  The church was often compared to St. Paul’s Cathedral in London because of dome and twin towers.  The ornat... »

Randall Statue

Sir Robert Richard Randall’s will named eight Trustees of the Sailors’ Snug Harbor in the City of New York, who ultimately served as the executors of his will.  The eight included: Chancellor of the State of New York Mayor of the City of New York Recorder of the City President of the Chamber of Commerce President of the Marine Society Vice President of the Marine Society Senior Mi... »


An area that now teeming with plant and animal life, was once an area with man-made channels, tunnels, and a large power plant.  From the early to mid 20th century, the wetland area was dominated by a large industrial power plant whose job was to generate electricity for the site.  Already equipped with a hospital, morgue, and a farm, it was only natural for Snug Harbor to generate its o... »

Governor’s Mansion

Even though Governor Melville was known for instilling fear in Snug Harbor residents through a series of stringent temperance policies and strict punishments, he was rather generous to his family.  The original Governor’s Mansion seen in the pictures above was occupied by Governor Melville and members of the Melville family.  His unmarried sister, mother, and wife all lived with hi... »

Lion’s Sensory Garden with World Trade Center Educational Tribute

The World Trade Center Educational Tribute is staffed by FDNY volunteers. Used as a space for reflection as well as an educational tool, the World Trade Center Educational tribute preserves the memory of those who were lost on 9/11.  The Center is free to enter and explore.    This QR code guided mobile tour brought to you by AT&T »

International Craft Center | The George Way Collection

The International Craft Center will grant visitors unprecedented access into the history of art through collaborations with art historians, local artists, or collectors.  One notable collaboration already exists with the tireless Dutch art collector, George Way.  His collection of priceless Dutch furniture will help Snug Harbor tell the story of how Dutch explorers and settlers shaped no... »

Randall Memorial

On June 1, 1801, Sir Robert Richard Randall signed his will.  In addition to the bequest for Sailors’ Snug Harbor, his will also contained many smaller, yet equally generous bequests.  He left his gold sleeve buttons and an annuity to his housekeeper Betsy Hart.  To his overseer, Adam Shields, he gave his gold watch and forty pounds.  It was also documented that one of hi... »