Students and teachers explore Snug Harbor to discover art and nature

Snug Harbor’s educational programs complement and add diversity to conventional classroom curriculum. Our classes and workshops are designed as interdisciplinary, hands-on experiences that enable students to explore their creativity, discover their community and learn classroom subjects in new ways. Our programs incorporate Snug Harbor’s history, exhibitions, performances, architecture and flora and fauna to create a personal, tangible learning environment for all ages. Educational programs include classes based in history, horticulture, architecture, performance and visual arts, as well as health and nutrition. Our new Heritage Farm and New York Compost Project have enabled us to expand our programs to include environmentally-oriented classes and workshops on basic farming and composting techniques. Our creative curriculum is specifically designed to offer something for all ages — Pre K through adult — and meet the requirements of New York State standards.



To book a class trip or for more information, please contact  (718) 425-3511 for email Beth Scannapieco, Education Coordinator at [email protected]


Autumn Moon Festival – Learn about the festival of the Moon and take a tour of the Chinese Scholars Garden. Grades Pre K-8

Chinese Calligraphy and You – Learn about the history, significance and art of the ancient Chinese writings. Grades 4+


Hey! I Have Something to Say! – Get comfortable talking on stage with fun speaking exercises that focus on familiar and easy topics. Grades K and up.


Newest Exhibit | Sprout to Mouth – Grades 2–12

Sprout to Mouth is an interactive, multimedia, farm-to-table exhibition designed to showcase the evolution of farming as well as the history behind the desire to rebuild the Snug Harbor Heritage Farm. Set up in the Green Gallery of Building P, the walk-through exhibition visits the many aspects of farming and healthy eating while following the Common Core Curriculum standards that NYC has adopted. The exhibit even features a mock kitchen—complete with all of the cooking and eating essentials necessary so that students can harvest, prepare, and sample the fresh produce grown on site.

For class tours, please contact Beth Scannapieco, Development Associate & Education Coordinator at [email protected] or 718-425-3511.



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Creating Stories Through Art – Students learn how to analyze the artwork in the Newhouse Galleries and then tell a story based on what they saw. Grades 3-12


Architecture Scavenger Hunt – Exploring different aspects of architecture in various buildings. Grades 1 – 5

Pediments to Porticos – Introduces children to basic architecture and helps them learn the parts of buildings. Grades Pre K – 8


Postcards From Snug Harbor – Students do a brief historical tour of the Harbor then create postcards as if they were on vacation in the 1800s. Grades 3 – 8

The Survivor Tree – Starting with a visit to the 9/11 Tribute Center and the Garden of Healing students discover how history can be remembered with living things. Grades 6 – 12


I Speak For The Trees – Learning about the environment with the lesson of Dr. Suess’ The Lorax Grades K-3

The Sensitive Scavenger – Multi-sensory scavenger hunt to introduce the concepts of biodiversity and interdependence within a habitat. Grades 1-5

NYC Compost Project on Staten Island – Learn about NYC composting programs, as well as some basic info on the science and mechanics of indoor and outdoor composting.Grades K+

Contact Andrew Blancero, NYC Compost Project Coordinator (718) 425-3557 or [email protected]


On the Farm – Learn about the different parts of a sustainable farm and how things grow. Grades 2 – 5

Tree Detectives – Participants in this hands-on program practice observation skills and apply them to identifying trees at Snug Harbor. Grades 3+

Wetland World – Students discover the hidden world of the wetlands living in Snug Harbor’s backyard. Grades K+



Gardens Tour – Tour our four larger gardens while taking in the beauty of the Snug Harbor grounds. Grades K to adult

Gardens and Galleries Tour – An abridged Gardens tour plus a tour of the exhibitions in the Newhouse Center and The Winter Garden Gallery Grades 1 to adult

Historic Tour – Tour the Front Five buildings, the Music Hall, the Governor’s House and more, while learning the rich history of the Harbor. Grades 1 to adult

To book a class trip or for more information, please contact (718) 425-3511 or [email protected]