PASS: emanate

Photo credit: Alyssa Rapp

Simone Johnson’s performance piece emanate explores her personal inquiry of and journey through various expressions of source.  Johnson invites others to experience elements of her creative process in a participatory workshop on May 26 where participants will play with the imagination as source.

Building G | Studio G201, 2nd fl
5:00 PM reception | 6:00 PM performance
$10 Admission | Buy tickets at

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May 26 | 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM |

From the artist:
“i’m packing my bag
i’m bringing a map and a number of tools with me
my shadow is joining the journey
i’m searching for wellsprings, especially mine in particular. to locate the constellation of sources in the layers of (non)existence, near and far, in the past, present and future, seen and unseen, in the ebb and flow and stillness of bodies of water

through the spiral we will go.”

Simone Johnson is a Staten Island based collaborative movement and visual artist. She is currently exploring plant life, water and food sovereignty. Simone has a deep interest in exploring and developing experimental, collaborative, community-building and healing processes connected to community dance practice. She also aspires to one day be a nomadic, dancing, plant/fungi medicine making, desert sky gazing, mycelium growing, infused honey making, flower loving, cooking from scratch, fire tending farmer-seedkeeper.

Recent works include “Soil and Seed” performed at Movement for the People Dance Company’s 2017 Winter Intensive Studio Showing, “zero waste talismans: compost altar #3” presented at “Trash Capsules: Archives of Illness, Food and Diaspora”, a performance and visual art event curated by Kiera Bono and Alex Enzo Hope, and a number of works with cre-a-tion dance collective, including “Global Water Dances”, “Eos” and performing in the Apres Avant Garde Festival on the Staten Island Ferry and in front of the Whitehall Terminal, organized by the Dey de Dada Performance Art Collective.