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Music Hall

Built in 1892, the Music Hall is a 686 seat theater and is the second oldest music hall in New York City after Carnegie Hall. Its grand architecture serves as the perfect setting for concerts, theater, lectures and other events. Designed for musical performances, the acoustics are excellent. An electronic brochure with full technical specifications and seating chart is available upon request.


Veteran’s Memorial Hall

The Veteran’s Memorial Hall, built in 1856, originally served as the Sailor’s Chapel. Designed with Italian and Greek Revival architectural features, the VMH today is an ideal location for ceremonies, lectures, theater, meetings and intimate concerts. The pew-style seating for 150 guests and proximity to the stage creates an intimate and unique event venue. There are also basement level reception spaces, bathrooms and dressing rooms.


South Meadow

The South Meadow is the largest open space at Snug Harbor at approximately 7.5 acres. It is ideal for large festivals and outdoor concerts. The South Meadow can be secured with temporary fencing for private and/or paid entry events.


Gazebo Lawn

Conveniently located along a main road in the heart of Snug Harbor’s campus is the Gazebo Lawn. The four acre Gazebo Lawn provides an ideal location for smaller outdoor events, fairs or performances. Gazebo Lawn can be secured with temporary fencing for private and/or paid entry events. An adjacent shaded parcel is also available.


Front Meadow

Fronting five architecturally significant buildings dating back as far as 1833, the Front Meadow offers a striking setting for festivals, performances and other outdoor events. Its size is approximately 1.33 acres.


New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden

This one acre, walled Garden is a superbly crafted example of traditional classical gardens developed in the city of Suzhou during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Features include the cloud-capped peak, distinctive lace bark pines, and architectural details in the windows, scholar’s study, tea room, and tent pavilion.


Tuscan Garden

The Richmond County Savings Foundation Tuscan Garden is found adjacent to Snug Harbor’s administration building and Heritage Farm.  Its design was inspired by the 18th century garden at the Villa Gamberaia in Florence, Italy. Consisting of flora, fountains, and reflecting pools, it is a popular for fashion shoots and small outdoor concerts. The adjacent Lemon House (720 sf) may also be used in conjunction with the Garden.

Tents, chairs, tables and snow fencing are available to rent.

Contact the Business Department via email jkelly@snug-harbor.org or by phone 718-425-3516.