Room Rentals









Dance Studios
The Dance Studios serve as a popular location for theater rehearsals, dance classes, exercise classes, and team-building events. The spacious rooms are approximately 30’ x 40’ and are located on the second floor of Building G. They are well lit with natural light. For inquiries regarding the dance studios, please contact Christine Williams: or call 718.425.3503.

Learning Center
The Learning Center, located in Building G, can be set up in a variety of ways to serve as a classroom, lecture room, theater rehearsal space, or break-away room for larger conferences.

Capacity: 40 seated

Harbor Room
The Harbor Room is a multi-use room that provides an intimate setting for conferences, meetings, and workshops. The large rectangular tables make it an ideal space for corporate groups.

Capacity: 25 seated

Carpenter’s Shop
The Carpenter’s Shop is a stand-alone building whose first floor is available as a rental location. The multi-purpose space is 30’ x 60’ with open ceilings.

Building P Lobby
The spacious first floor of Building P, which was once the Nurses’ Dormitory of Sailor’s Snug Harbor, can be partitioned into a number of configurations for meetings and presentations. Popular partitions include the 735 square foot north section and the 994 square foot south end. The walls of Building P are often adorned with temporary art exhibits. As a whole, the space is 2,073 square feet.