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This performance by Peter Zummo’s 4Tet, will take you from film music to getting up from your seat and dance. Always an adventurous creator, his open form compositions will feature songs and instrumentals . Various genres will be explored including rock, jazz, punk, world, minimalism and electronic genres. A through-line of vocalization with poetry, lyrics, spoken word and other vocal sounds will inform the eclectic mix of genres and media. Artists are Peter Zummo: trombone, keyboard and voice; Ernie Brooks: bass and acoustic guitars and voice; Bill Ruyle: hammer dulcimer and percussion; Walter Baker, electric guitar and guest vocalist and moderator Jeanine Otis.

This project was developed in residence at the Baryshnikov Arts Center, this is the first public performance of the work.

Guest Vocalist and moderator Q &A (Question and Answer) ; Jeanine Otis

Moderator and Staten Island Resident Jeannine Otis is a performer, educator, and writer. She began her work at 10 years old and was a guest soloist with the Detroit Symphony at age 13. She continues to have a prolific and diverse career that includes being on stage, recording, working as a teaching artist/teaching artist mentor, and having works published. She continues as well to work collaboratively on projects that use social justice as a raison d’etre with numerous artists including Elizabeth Swados, Pete Seeger, Eve Ensler, Finnish Composer Laureate Heikki Sarmanto, Vishnu Wood, bassist, Eve Ensler, Larry Marshall, Shirley Austin and many others.

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