Staff & Board

BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Executive Committee
Mark Lauria Chairman of the Board 
Anita Laremont, Esq. First Vice Chairman
Richard Falcinelli Second Vice Chairman
Brian Laline Secretary
John Alexander Treasurer
Alfred C. Cerullo, III
John P. Connors, Jr.
Patricia Ornst

Ronald Altman, DDS
Molly Barton
Kevin Chau
Joseph Ferrara
Matt Ketschke

Amy McNeece

Travis Noyes
Dolly Smith

Marian FontanaNew York City Mayor’s Representative
Timothy Thayer, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs Representative
Jennifer Sammartino, Director of Communications & External Affairs for Staten Island Borough President James Oddo
Lynda Ricciardone, Borough Parks Commissioner, NYC Department of Parks & Recreation
Chris Rooney, Representative, SI Community Board #1
Robert Cohen, Emeritus Board Chair
Alice Diamond, Trustee Emeritus
Ralph Lamberti, Emeritus Board Chair
Allan Weissglass, Emeritus Board Chair 
Jeffrey Manzer, Chief Financial Officer and Interm CEO
Susannah Abbate, Education Coordinator
Larry Anderson, Director of Performing Arts & Production Management
Jimmy Cerrato, Director of Facilities 
Erik Danielson, NYC Compost Project Outreach Coordinator 
Carol Hooper
, NYC Compost Project Manager
Jenny Kelly, Business & Sales Associate
Sara Lacey, Bookkeeper
Greg LordDirector of Horticulture 
Judy Martinez Business and Finance
Natalie NowlenNYC Compost Project Outreach Coordinator
Shephali Patel, NYC Compost Project Compost & Farm Educator
Shawna Salmon, Visual Arts Coordinator
Beth ScannapiecoDevelopment Associate
Meredith Sladek, Marketing and Communications Manager
Jenny StaleyVice President of Operations
Kirstin SwansonDirector of Development
Jack TambiniOffice Administrator & Assistant to CEO
Thomas Tibbs, Sr., Chief of Security
Kaitlyn Walsh
, Performing Arts Assistant
Melissa West
, Vice President of Curation & Production
Christine Williams, Business Development Associate
Jonathan WilsonHeritage Farm Manager

For all inquiries, please message
24 hour Ranger line (718) 816-9691
Ranger will pick up after a few beeps.