Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden is committed to making our programs, gardens, galleries, and facilities accessible for all visitors.

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Please refer to our campus map for the exact locations of our gardens and facilities.

Entrances and Paths

Three parking lots have designated spaces for visitors who are mobility challenged.

Visitors in wheelchairs can enter all areas of Snug Harbor’s campus, but are advised to contact Snug Harbor Rangers at (718) 816-9691 if they need assistance accessing any gardens or facilities, specifically the New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden.

The North Gate at Richmond Terrace does not have an entrance ramp, and is not recommended for visitors in wheelchairs. Visitors in wheelchairs are instructed to use caution when entering narrow, rough, uneven, or steep garden paths.

Recent improvements to entrances and paths include:

  • Pedestrian Entrance at East Gate: In autumn 2018, we installed a new pedestrian-only entrance that features a new walkway to accommodate people with mobility impairments.
  • Kissel Gate and Wetlands Path: We are building a new pedestrian gate with a modular decking bridge that will meet the existing wetlands path.  The new modular decking path will be ADA compliant.
  • Shinbone Alley: As of January 2019, we have rebuilt the staircase leading up Shinbone Alley to Chapel Road to provide a code-compliant stair width on the top stair.
  • Chapel Road: We are removing the bluestone slabs that run along Chapel Road to provide a more level and safe walking and driving surface.
  • Bluestone Repairs on Front Lawn– The bluestone slabs in front of Buildings A and B were re-leveled to provide an even, safe walking surface.


While the entrance to the New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden is through Cottage E, which lacks wheelchair access, the attendant on duty will come outside for ticket purchases, as well as to offer any needed assistance. Please call the Snug Harbor Rangers at 718-816-9691 upon your arrival to alert staff of accessibility needs. 

Please keep in mind that the NY Chinese Scholar’s Garden is an authentic representation from thousands of years ago, and therefore has some components that are more difficult to maneuver. There is a small area that is inaccessible by wheelchair, but is still fully in view, and does not affect the ability to experience the entire garden. Paths are intentionally slanted and curved, based on authentic ancient Chinese philosophy and design. The stone work is delicate and can provide some bumps. Paths can be slippery in less desirable weather.

Recent improvements to other campus gardens include:

  • Connie Gretz Secret Garden – As of January 2019, we re-worked the entire garden path, leveling all existing cobblestone walkways to provide a smooth, intact walking surface for all populations.
  • Tuscan Garden – We are replacing chipped and broken tiles to provide a more level walking surface.

Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art (Buildings C & G) and Dance Center (Building G)

Wheelchair users and visitors with mobility impairments can access the Newhouse Center via the Shinbone Alley entrance for Building G.  Please take the elevator in the lower level of Building G up to the gallery level, then turn left when exiting the elevator. You will see the wheelchair lift, which you can access to bring you to Building C. When exiting the elevator, please call 718-425-3524 so that a gallery attendant operate the wheelchair lift for you.

The Newhouse Center does not presently have braille or assistive listening devices available.

Music Hall

The historic Music Hall, which was constructed in 1892, is wheelchair accessible for patrons & staff.  The main/orchestra level is accessible via ramp from the east parking lot sidewalk that leads directly to the front doors.  The side door is always unlocked during performances. There is no wheelchair access to the balcony level.

A wheelchair-accessible unisex restroom is located on the east side of the Music Hall’s main/orchestra level only.

Wheelchair-accessible locations and designated aisle transfer seats are available throughout the main/orchestra level.  Please specify accessible seating when purchasing tickets to ensure the most suitable accommodations.

Wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, and canes may need to be stored during performances if they are obstructing the aisles. Ushers will mark and store mobility devices and return to patrons at intermission and the conclusion of the performance The Music Hall does not presently have assistive listening devices or captioning devices, nor braille on signage.

Future accessibility of the Music Hall:

  • A new Music Hall Annex is scheduled for completion in 2023. In the new wheelchair-accessible annex, all entryways, restrooms, dressing rooms, office spaces and public spaces will be accessible to patrons with mobility challenges.  
  • The annex will also facilitate new access to the Music Hall stage and orchestra pit for performers.
  • By 2025, we are working on having assistive listening devices and/or enhanced captioning available to guests with hearing impairments.

South Meadow Stage

The South Meadow stage is wheelchair accessible for performers via a ramp at the upstage position from the parking lot directly behind the stage. The nearest wheelchair-accessible restrooms are located in the basement level of Building P, a short distance away. 

Guests in wheelchairs can enter Building P through a side ramp and take the elevator down to the basement floor. The South Meadow is a grass meadow and does not have any paved pathways.

Tuscan Garden Green Stage

The Tuscan Garden Green Stage is a flat lawn, accessible by wheelchair users from the rear of the stage.

Veterans Memorial Hall Dressing Rooms

The Veterans Memorial Hall (VMH) is closed to the general public.  While the dressing rooms are open to Music Hall performers during scheduled performance times only, they are not wheelchair accessible.


Guests with mobility impairments can access ADA-compliant restrooms through the ground-floor door to Building G at Shinbone Alley. 

A wheelchair-accessible unisex restroom is located on the east side of the Music Hall’s main/orchestra level only.

Education and Tours

Snug Harbor provides numerous learning opportunities for visitors of all ages and abilities. Our programs can be adapted for groups with special needs. When scheduling a class trip to Snug Harbor, please indicate on the inquiry form about any learning or physical challenges of your students. Tours tailored to adults with physical or developmental challenges can also be arranged. For questions, contact

For questions or comments about accessibility at Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden, please contact us (718) 425-3504 or