Cottage Row


The late 19th century map indicates which professional staff members lived in the cottages.  The secretary, engineer, gardener, banker, and farmer lived in their own respective cottages.  Remaining true to their original intention as living quarters, Snug Harbor has allowed the cottages to serve as a residency for emerging artists.  Snug Harbor’s Artist in Residency Program was conceived in 1983 and fully instituted in 1988.  The program attracted artists from Finland, France, Greece, Japan, the Czech Republic, Taiwan, and Tibet creating the perfect environment for establishing a cultural dialogue through art.  Snug Harbor continued the dialogue with the community through programs, exhibitions, and events.  Unfortunately, the program went dormant for a few years. 


In 2012 the Snug Harbor Artist Residency Program was reinstated.  Emerging artists are offered a supportive environment to explore their creative development for two months.  At the end of their residency, artists are given the opportunity to exhibit their work in the Newhouse Gallery for Contemporary Art.  New York State Residents under 30 with a BFA are eligible to apply.  For more information, please see the Visual Arts Page.   


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