Randall Statue

Statue of Randall

Sir Robert Richard Randall’s will named eight Trustees of the Sailors’ Snug Harbor in the City of New York, who ultimately served as the executors of his will.  The eight included:

  1. Chancellor of the State of New York
  2. Mayor of the City of New York
  3. Recorder of the City
  4. President of the Chamber of Commerce
  5. President of the Marine Society
  6. Vice President of the Marine Society
  7. Senior Minister of the Episcopal Church
  8. Senior Minister of the Presbyterian Church

Sir Robert Richard Randall completely entrusted the development of Sailors’ Snug Harbor to the Trustees.  The Trustees sought to provide the sailors with a place to live, food, medical services, religious services, clothing, entertainment, and even tobacco.  

The Trustees were public administrators with strong religious values and business acumen.  More notably they had a disdain for impoliteness and impropriety.  Therefore, to diminish disorderly conduct amongst Snug Harbor residents, they tried to instill their own values in the sailors.  The by-laws listed a number of regulations and restrictions including one that stated:

Members of the Institution are strictly forbidden to indulge in contentious, boisterous or disorderly conversation at the table and are solemnly enjoined to demean themselves in a decorous manner, becoming of aged and honest seamen.   

The Trustees of the Sailors’ Snug Harbor in the City of New York still meet to this day; however, some of the aforementioned members have given up their seats to new members. 


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