Perennial Garden

The Perennial Garden is the first of our gardens to bloom in the springtime.

The Perennial Garden surrounds the Carl Grillo Glass House.  Perennials are herbaceous (non-woody) plants that live more than two years, although woody plants are perennial in habit.  Some herbaceous perennials can live 50 or more years while others live for only three or four years.

The Perennial Garden is located on Chapel Road between Gazebo Road and Cottage Row, and surrounds the front entrance of the Carl Grillo Glass House.

In our Perennial Garden, plants are carefully selected and arranged so that the garden blooms almost year-round. Perennials do not bloom all season long. Rather, they have a season of bloom which can range from two weeks to two months or longer. Modern perennial gardens combine annuals, perennials, bulbs, shrubs, and small trees to give continuous interest throughout the year while reducing upkeep labor.

Snug Harbor’s Perennial Garden was designed in 2000 and continues to evolve today. The reflecting pools and bluestone pavings were renovated in 2019 thanks to support from the Northfield Bank Foundation. Admission to the garden is free of charge.