Connie Gretz Secret Garden

The Connie Gretz Secret Garden is a wonderland for young visitors.

Over a half an acre in size, the Secret Garden is a brick-walled enclosure which boasts three towers and a shrubbery maze, leading to another smaller enclosure at the heart of the garden with greenery, flowers, and benches. The main tower is two stories high with a spiral staircase, though the second level is currently closed for maintenance.

The Connie Gretz Secret Garden is located at the southwest end of campus, near the Healing Garden, the South Meadow, and the NY Chinese Scholar’s Garden. It is accessible via Cottage Row.

The garden was created in memory of Connie Gretz by her husband Randy Gretz, inspired by her love of children and the classic children’s story The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It took four years to construct, and was completed by 2000. Admission to the Connie Gretz Secret Garden is free of charge.