PASS: From the Horse’s Mouth

October 29, 2016 @ 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
From the Horses Mouth 7
Location: Music Hall
$10 Admission

Created by Tina Croll and Jamie Cunningham, From the Horse’s Mouth is a celebratory dance/theater production that has received standing ovations for its captivating story-telling and exceptional dancing, with rave reviews from critics around the United States. The 30 performers – outstanding dancers and choreographers of all ages and dance traditions tell personal stories from their lives, then perform movement of their own choosing, sometimes interacting with another dancer. The stories range from humorous to poignant revealing personal moments of loss, joy, frustration, and triumph.

This highly entertaining, evening-length work features 25 distinguished performers from your community, who can be joined by a core company of 5 dancers from New York City at your request. Each production of From the Horse’s Mouth is considered a new “chapter” of the piece and is cast “or curated” to showcase a specific group of performers/dancers – no two performances are ever the same. For example, a production in a university may focus on alumni and faculty, as well as include local dancers from the surrounding area. Or, a venue may want to focus on a specific lineage or tradition.