Balancing Yin and Yang: The place of Chinese philosophy in garden construction

Celebrate Earth Month by exploring the principles of balance between our built environment and the natural world.  Many people know about ‘Yin and Yang’ from popular culture, but do you know they lie behind the design and beauty of the New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden?

In this talk, we’ll explore how yin and yang and other ideas from ancient Chinese wisdom books like the The Book of Changes or the Dao De Jing are embodied within the garden, and get a sense of the traditional Chinese worldview is brought to life within its walls. After the presentation, we will tour the garden to see these ideas in action.

WHEN: April 23 | 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM
WHERE: Meet at Visitor Info Booth on Chapel Road
ADMISSION: $10 | Student/Senior: $8 | Snug Harbor Member: $8



– What are the secrets and principles that lie behind the design of traditional Chinese gardens?
– Why is the water in the garden green and not clear? What are there bat-shaped door fittings?
– Why are windows sometimes shaped like paper fans?

This lecture is a collaboration between Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden Education and College of Staten Island East Asian Studies Program. The Friends of the Chinese Scholar’s Garden provides continuing support in the maintenance of the New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden.