Bamboo in Bushwick

May 9, 2017 @ 8:00 PM – 9:45 PM

Music Hall – Building T
Admission $25 | BUY TICKETS HERE

Working Theater presents the World Premiere of Bamboo In Bushwick

Written by Ed Cardona Jr. | Directed by Ana Margineanu

Edna-Lee Figueroa

Michelle Sui
Clinton Lowe
Arisael Rivera
José Antonio Melián
John J. Concado

ABOUT BAMBOO IN BUSHWICK: Bushwick was called home by locals long before any magazine called it hip. Bamboo in Bushwick explores gentrification in this suddenly trendy neighborhood from divergent angles.

As a group of old friends gather for a round of dominoes, outside forces converge on their street corner. In an alternate reality, inspired by the psychedelic murals that have taken over many walls in the neighborhood, a turf war breaks out on the icy tundra. Is there room in Brooklyn for both penguins and polar bears?

When your community is threatened, every block is worth fighting for.

Bamboo in Bushwick is part of Working Theater’s Five Boroughs/One City Initiative. The play was developed in partnership with Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council (RBSCC), and through conversations with their members and members of Bushwick Salvation Army Community Center, El Puente Bushwick, Make the Road New York and the general Bushwick community.

The play will be performed in Spanish and English with supertitles in both languages. Runtime is 80 minutes.

Bamboo in Bushwick is a touring production. Please note the location for your performance on the schedule below. The full schedule can be found at