Bulbs and Soil

Learn how we design the landscape of Snug Harbor to come alive in spring! Come to the Bulb and Soil Workshop and extend the blooming season in your garden.

WHEN: June 16 and 18 | 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
WHERE: Meet at Visitor Info Booth on Chapel Road at Snug Harbor
ADMISSION: $10 | Student/Senior/Snug Harbor Member: $8


Bulbs are a wonder of nature, planted in advance and coming to visit in their own time, as the earth warms and moisture signals the time to show their colors. Learn about caring for tender versus hardy bulbs, how to use bulbs in your garden plan, pest control, and how to overwinter. Create an interplay between bloom times, foliage colors and height, and learn how to manage your garden soil so you have a thriving environment.