Dance class with Janice Rosario

Janice Rosario’s contemporary dance class is an inclusive laboratory that re-purposes classical technique towards developing one’s intuitive response to movement. Her warm-up draws on ballet floor barre to elongate deeper muscles, Pilates to strengthen the pelvic connection, and Yoga based stretches to release tension, while testing one’s balance. Dancers should have at least 3 years of ballet or modern dance experience.

Following her warm-up, Rosario constructs movement phrases composed of technical feats interspersed with gestural transitions that challenge the dancer to develop her or his personal characteristics. Dancers are then prompted to develop these movements into improvisational phrases that Rosario manipulates/edits and expands into interactive partnering scenarios between participants. Rosario employs this concentration on individual collaboration with each dancer, one-on-one, as they break down unconscious habits, react to new variables, gain partnering experience in a safe-classroom-environment, and transform into stronger, more in tune individuals.

Saturday, October 13 | 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Building G, 2nd fl | Room G201
Class admission: FREE | Class registration strongly encouraged:

Attend PASS: With the changes at 7 PM following the dance class
Tickets to the performance:

October’s PASS: With the changes is a full-length site-specific contemporary dance piece by Janice Rosario. The project explores how the way we relate to each other and ourselves is dictated by the changing of the seasons. The aim is to unveil the human psyche through dance.