Heal the Man in order to Heal the Land: Basic Tarot and Oracle Cards with Tattfoo Tan

You’ll learn about the structure of tarot cards and what is the different about Oracle Cards. We’ll start with NEROC that is part of the book and exhibition and explore the French system based on Tarot de Marseille. Bring your own deck if you have one.

These satsang events begin with invocation, grounding, meditation and a run down of the syllabus book, and introduction to non-duality.

Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art (Buildings C&G)

Admission: $10 | Includes access to the Newhouse Center


The 2019 Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art exhibition Heal the Man in order to Heal the Land explores how spirituality manifests itself out of the connections between internal experience and the material world. How can we connect with nature in a society that continues to give primacy to disposability and mass-consumption? How do we move away from a mindset of scarcity to one of collaboration? How can we be transformed from the egocentric “i” to the love supreme “I AM”?  In this work, artist Tattfoo Tan uses participatory prompts, games and affirmations to engage you in the play of the universe. Let the process begin.