Snug Harbor at Home: In Visible: Blackwork Embroidery Workshop

Blackwork, sometimes historically termed Spanish blackwork, is a form of counted thread embroidery generally using black thread on white even weave fabric, although other colors can be used. All ages welcome to participate in this introductory workshop.

Admission: FREE

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Password: 083732

To participate in this workshop from home, you will need the following materials:

  • Aida cloth or other open weave fabric such as linen. You need a fabric that has a loose weave such as a tea towel.
  • Embroidery thread (black or other high contrast color). Regular sewing thread will also work.
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery hoop is helpful but we can do it without one.
  • Graph paper- if you don’t have it, regular paper and a ruler will work
  • Pencil

In Visible is an exhibition of drawings and sculpture by artist DB Lampman which explore the tension held between two spaces, literally and metaphorically. Drawn and sewn threads stitch relationships between what we see and what we don’t see, what we talk about and what we don’t hear, and ultimately who we are in relationship to the world around us. It is about the visible and hidden ways in which we connect with one another and how our world is affected by the ways in which we do, or do not, communicate.

In Visible is made possible by the Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation. This exhibition is also made possible in part by a DCA Art Fund Grant from Staten Island Arts, with public funding from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.