Newhouse After Dark: CLOAKED Featuring APMD, Lys Obsidian, and Jen Gallo

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Join us for Newhouse After Dark, a series of after-hours live art experiences in the oldest building on campus.

Cloaked includes a live performance composed by APMD (AJ Pantaleo and Mike DiBenedetto) along with individual and collective dance pieces designed by Jen Gallo and Lys Obsidian. The performance will explore themes such as sexuality, gender identity, and ageism.

Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art
Admission: $10 | Snug Harbor Members: $8

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Drummer and composer AJ Pantaleo collaborated with former bandmate Mike DiBenedetto to create APMD, an experimental two-piece that combines their love for cinema with experimental soundscapes. APMD was awarded an (Staten Island Arts) Excellence in the Arts award the same year and debut their first performance at the LUMEN Festival that summer. In 2018 they won a NYCDCA Premier Grant to compose and record “Audio Stories”, an audio tour for the Staten Island Museum.

Lys Obsidian, a Staten Island based dancer and performance artist with a background in fusion belly dance and butoh, makes work that explores issues around gender and sexuality. She plays with cultural expectations and perceptions of what it means to be raised female. As a collaborative artist with a love for vaudeville, Lys Obsidian created Kala Lolo to offer a platform for local musicians, poets, and movers to express and subvert gender identity. Lys Obsidian has received an Art Fund Grant from Staten Island Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs for Kala Lolo in 2015, 2016, and 2018, as well as a 2016 Excellence in the Arts Award and a PASS Dance residency at Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art in 2017.

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Jen Gallo is a public health artist, born, raised and living on Staten Island. She produces work in a variety of mediums, including mural art, dance, comedy and ceramic sculpture. All of her work is intended to improve the quality of life of the community by bringing attention to health issues and educating the public with evidence-based information and making people smile.