PASS: Guess the Error, a live coding game by Raia

Photo Credit: Mohit Kapil

Guess the Error is an interactive game in which players troubleshoot code using clues and feedback from Sonic Pi, our favorite live coding synthesizer. Played in rounds, Raia will perform as a JO (i.e. judging official), picking code snippets featuring one or more errors. A round begins with the JO playing a Target Sound.

WHEN: June 25 | 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
WHERE: Dance Center, Room G201 – Building G, 2nd fl
ADMISSION: Adults: $10.00 | Snug Harbor Members: $8.00


In Classic Mode, the first player to successfully debug the code to play the Target Sound, wins. In Festival Mode, the JO decides which player’s resulting code is the “most creative,” and they win. The PASS edition, however, is not a game. This is a serious (re)Quest.

At the end of three rounds in this unique session, we’ll splice together Target Sound snippets to help Raia perform a new parody song, and jam out relentlessly in community.

Audience members can register to participate and/or spectate. Those participating should bring a laptop, its charger, and headphones. No prior experience in music, production or computer programming necessary. Required: willingness to play.

Rebecca Fernandes was a live coding musician from 2015 to 2019 under the performance avatar, Raia. Today, they feel most at home as a facilitator of their own and others’ learning and artmaking as their primary art form. From dance fitness instruction to live coded music in the 2010s, a key component of their work can still be summed up in one singular mantra: whatever we do, let’s have fun with it. Xe is a resident artist at Flux Factory and Snug Harbor in June 2022, where they are exploring three projects: GTE: a collaborative live coding game, an aviary-attracting paper bead sculpture, and a parody tune with the ALU (Amazon Labor Union). In July, they will feature in a documentary series, Cultured Reflections, by Chelsea Nyomi, as part of the DOCNOW fest in Toronto, Canada, with their crafts in group exhibit until July 2022. For more, visit

PASS: Performing Arts Salon Saturdays residency program is made possible through generous lead support from the Howard Gilman Foundation, with additional support from the Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council. Snug Harbor is a proud partner with the CUNY Dance Initiative.