Queer Van Kult: Revelation Opening Party

Queer Van Kult: Revelation transforms the Main Hall into a fully immersive dreamscape that subverts the societal narrative in which to be queer is to be “othered.” Growing up queer is to be subjected to religious dogma and often personal and familial rejection. Just by existing, a queer person instigates circumstances without their willing participation—scenarios fueled by patriarchal expectations and aspirations of a nuclear family. Upon entrance, Revelation invites visitors to be “unborn” from these societal expectations and enter a world where queerness is a preexisting condition.

WHEN: April 30 | 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
WHERE: Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, Main Hall Gallery, Building C
ADMISSION: Pay what you wish!  $5-15 suggested admission


Revelation is inspired by hell houses, nuclear families, dream logic, and creationism churches. Some of the topics explored are the sacred and the profane, passing as cisgender, and body dysmorphia. QVK both curated and commissioned works from visual and new media artists local to Staten Island, and NYC.

Artists: Zoë Alice, Rachel DeCesario, Lee Donlon, Therese Grossmeyer, Jurien Kampinga, Irina Katz, Peggy Lee, Mazzy Leinbach, Lovetapescollective, Rachel Lyngholm, Moody Marinaro, T. Marsh, Nicie Mok, Rena Parisi, Sea Shelves Productions, Jenno Snyder, John Snyder, Milange Solano, Samantha Tirado, Zoë Tirado

Opening night performances by DJ Nazz Radiance, John Snyder, Elaichi and Juniper Spice, and Nicie Mok

Queer Van Kult is a liturgy of performance, installation, and music with a focus on queer artistry and multimedia work. Imagined as a surreal funhouse of queer taste, Queer Van Kult was created as a response to a tapering of dedicated platforms for avant-garde performance and art on Staten Island.

The events presented and produced by the collective intend to encourage an atmosphere of community, unbounded creativity, and celebration—all while providing a home for the cultivation of experimental works by local and emerging artists beyond. Currently, QVK is Rachel Lyngholm, Nicie Mok, Jenno Snyder, and Zoë Tirado.

Revelation is made possible through generous support from the Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation, the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.