Staten Island Museum: Seeds of Hope: Film Screening, Seed Swap, and Seed Engraving

November 16, 2019 @ 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Join Ken Greene co-founder of the Hudson Valley Seed Company and Seedshed for this special documentary screening of Seeds of Hope. From planting to harvest, Seeds of Hope follows the Akwesasne Tribe of northern New York, the Hudson Valley Farm Hub, and Seedshed as they honor Native American seeds that are at risk of disappearing.

FREE with Staten Island Museum Admission | Register in advance. Space is limited
Staten Island Museum (Building A)

Following the screening will be a seed swap where guests can join artist Sergey Jivetin and participate in Furrow, an art-agriculture project. The project is based upon the process of ‘scarification’ – a technique used by farmers and gardeners to kick-start seed germination by intentionally breaking the hard exterior of the seed. Sergey scarifies the seeds by engraving minute designs on the outer shell of the seeds. Participants are invited to visit, bring seeds, especially seeds that are known to respond well to scarification (ex. Sweet Peas, Morning Glory) and suggest a design for Sergey to execute.

Seedshed is an organization grown out of the Hudson Valley Seed Company which is dedicated to seed stewardship through holistic seed literacy programs that protect local cultivars and are a catalyst for growing social, food, and seed justice solutions.