Storytime in the Secret Garden: Jack and the Beanstalk

Classic tales for kids, in a fairy-tale garden! Your children will feel swept away by the castle towers and shrubbery maze in the newly-restored Connie Gretz Secret Garden while they listen to engaging readings of favorite stories.

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WHERE: Connie Gretz Secret Garden
ADMISSION: $5 per child. Adults are admitted free of charge, but must be accompanied by a child.

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On June 16, enjoy the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk! A boy named Jack was sent to market one day by his mother to sell their last possession, the cow. As Jack was on his way he met a stranger who offered to trade five “magic” beans for the cow. Jack accepted the trade and returned back home with the beans in his pocket. Jack’s mother was angered that he had not obeyed her instructions to sell the cow and threw the beans out of the window. See what happens next when the beans start to grow…