UTA Presents: Love in Bloom

The Love in Bloom showcase has wowed audiences over the years in spirit of the organizations mission of “quickening the creative spirit in the individual and fostering brotherly love.” The night is filled with a variety of artistic expressions (dance, theatre and visual art) exploring the breadth, depth and power of love; conveying love as the supreme emotion, a healing power, and the most valuable gift we all must use toward healing and reconciliation.

This year’s Love in Bloom cast features notable names from stellar jazz, musical and theater productions; recognizable choreographers; dancers and creators within the arts community like; Jeannine Otis; Leopoldo Fleming; Karlus Trapp, Darrell Smith; Dorian Lake; Betty Shirley; Sylvester Scott, and others.

Music Hall
Admission: Adults: $20, Children: $10 | Buy tickets here: www.utasicommunityevents.org