Wellness Wednesdays: August 26

Invigorate and restore your mind, body, and spirit this summer at Snug Harbor!  Wellness Wednesdays connect you to healthy, delicious produce sold fresh off the Heritage Farm, free drop-in movement and healing workshops courtesy of the Staten Island Coalition for Movement and Mindfulness, and free music and performances from local artists—all on Wednesday afternoons in the summer on South Meadow.  Each week holds a new experience for you and your family to enjoy community, connection, and conversation at Snug Harbor.

Wellness Wednesdays take place on the South Meadow at Snug Harbor from 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM. 

In the event of rain or inclement weather, the Heritage Farm Stand will still operate, but movement activities will be cancelled.



Heritage Farm Stand Sales
4:30 PM – 7:00 PM, South Meadow Stage

Learn what’s on sale each week at the Heritage Farm Stand here.  Supplies are limited—support your local farmers and tell your friends!

Burrito Bar
Free Margarita tasting (Choice of Lime or Mango Margaritas)
For Sale:

  • Margarita to go (32oz bottle, take home and chill, serves 4-5) – $25
  • Individual Margarita to go (16oz, pre-chilled) – $10
  • Homemade chips with salsa & guacamole – $6
  • Individual Margarita & Chips Combo – $15


MakerPark Radio DJ Nutmeg – Classical, Ambient, and Chill


Connection & Healing Through Movement – This is an all-inclusive sharing space for self-reflection and healing group conversations. No dance experience is required. Through connecting our movement expression with emotion, we learn how our dance together can be powerfully healing.

Instructor: Anjoli Chadha is a Dance and Movement therapist. She facilitates healing space where individuals are supported in a group to share from the heart, connect with others and express authentically through the medium of dance. She has been holding Dance and Play for children at the Staten Island Children’s Museum and all holds a weekly Women’s support group on Zoom. She sees dance and movement expression as an important way to understand oneself as well as communicate what is hard to express otherwise, through words. Anjoli has training in martial arts- capoeira, Kalaripayattu and a Masters degree in Dance/Movement Therapy. sentientdanceandhealing.com