Exhibiting Artist Tattfoo Tan to Launch New Earth Resiliency Training Module

NERTM syllabus book and autumn events bring to life Tan’s Heal the Man in order to Heal the Land exhibition at Snug Harbor

September 17, 2019 | Staten Island, NY— Tattfoo Tan, exhibiting artist at Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden’s Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, will launch his new syllabus book New Earth Resiliency Training Module (NERTM) on Saturday, September 21, 2019 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM at a special event in the Newhouse Center. 

This book supplements Tan’s Heal the Man in order to Heal the Land exhibition in the Newhouse Center, containing exercises and prompts that allow the reader to further their exploration into the mystery of life.  A new series of satsang workshops led by Tan in November and December will reference the NERTM syllabus book and its practices.

New Earth Resiliency Training Module (NERTM) is the fourth book written by Tattfoo Tan, based on Tan’s own experiences with the philosophy of non-duality and his artistic process of “learn, practice, teach.”  Tan describes it as “a spiritual hero’s journey of self-realization, or as the ancient sage would call it: enlightenment.”  This book is designed to be used like an exercise book, where readers can answer the prompts in the guide and are encouraged to research words or topics that they find intriguing.  As Tan’s art practice is socially-based and the Heal the Man exhibition is static, this book becomes the bridge, allowing the reader to activate all the practices without the artist present.  This publication is supported in part by a grant from the Joan Mitchell Foundation.

“The long duration of the exhibition enables me to have a three-pronged approach to this project: an exhibition, a series of workshops by various speakers and a launch of the syllabus book,” said Tan. “Something to see (discover), something to listen (internalize) and something to do (manifest). It is the most comprehensive teaching I have devised.”

Attendees of the NERTM syllabus book launch event on September 21 will explore parts of the New Earth Ceremony (outlined on page 16 in the book) and participate in a discussion on non-dual philosophy. In short, they will explore how to heal the man in order to heal the land. 

The three new satsang workshops this autumn are all based on the practices from NERTM.  All three take place in the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art at Snug Harbor, and will begin with invocation, grounding, meditation, and introduction to non-duality.  Admission to each is $10.  Learn more and buy tickets at https://snug-harbor.org/healthemanevents/:

Basic Tarot and Oracle Cards with Tattfoo Tan

November 2 | 11:00 AM | $10

You’ll learn about the structure of tarot cards and what is different about Oracle Cards. We’ll start with the New Earth Resiliency Oracle Cards, part of NERTM and the Heal the Man… exhibition, and explore the French system based on Tarot de Marseille. Bring your own deck if you have one.

Blackout Poetry with Tattfoo Tan

December 14 | 11:00 AM | $10

Blackout poetry is an exercise that illustrate the process of negation. You start to identify words from a page and string them together to make a poem. You can black out the rest of the page or leave them out to be readable. Bring books, magazine to share. We’ll hang the work as part of the exhibition at the end of the workshop.

Mandala Reading with Tattfoo Tan

December 21 | 11:00 AM | $10

We’ll draw a mandala using a circular template and try to read the meaning based on the colors, shapes and patterns created. You can hang this circle in your home as a holiday decoration.


Heal the Man in order to Heal the Land explores how spirituality manifests itself out of the connections between internal experience and the material world. How can we connect with nature in a society that continues to give primacy to disposability and mass-consumption? How do we move away from a mindset of scarcity to one of collaboration? How can we be transformed from the egocentric “i” to the love supreme “I AM”?  In this work, artist Tattfoo Tan uses participatory prompts, games and affirmations to engage you in the play of the universe. Let the process begin.

“Focused on the individual yet far from individualistic, Tan’s work anticipates our planet’s coming climate changes with a combination of calming introspection and bracing, can-do practicality.”

—Louis Bury, BOMB Magazine, July 2019

“Here mental health and self-awareness supersede environment, indicating a new avenue in (Tan’s) exploration of ecological activism…interior well-being.”

—Kristen Racaniello, The Brooklyn Rail, May 2019

The exhibition is on display at the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art in Buildings C &G at Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden.  All events and programs are located in the Newhouse Center, which is open Thurs-Fri 12:00 – 7:00 PM and Sat – Sun 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Admission to the Newhouse Center is $5, $4 students/seniors, and free for students grades 6-12 with student ID.

Heal the Man in order to Heal the Land is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.  Additional support provided by Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

Staten Island based artist Tattfoo Tan’s practice focuses on issues relating to ecology, sustainability and healthy living. His work is project-based, ephemeral and educational in nature. Tan has exhibited at venues including the Queens Museum of Art, Eugene Lang College at the New School for Liberal Arts, Parsons the New School for Design, the Fashion Institute of Technology, Wave Hill, Macalester College, Ballroom Marfa, Creative Time, Project Row Houses, and the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati. Tan’s projects have been presented by the Laundromat Project, the City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs Percent for the Arts program, and the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts program. His work has been published by Gestalten and Thames and Hudson. Tan has been widely recognized for his artistic contributions and service to the community, and is the proud recipient of a proclamation from The City of New York. He is the recipient of grants from Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Art Matters, Joan Mitchell Foundation, the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, and Staten Island Arts.  In 2010, Tan received the annual Award for Excellence in Design by the Public Design Commission of the City of New York for his design and branding of the Super-Graphic on Bronx River Art Center. He currently serves on the Mayor’s Citizens’ Advisory Committee to support the development of a Comprehensive Cultural Plan.


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