Heritage Farm

Snug Harbor’s Heritage Farm was established in October of 2011 to help feed, inspire, and educate the local community.

The Heritage Farm is a 2.5-acre production farm that uses sustainable, low-till farming practices that focus on building soil health through the use of compost, crop rotation, intercropping, and cover cropping. Our goal is to provide Staten Island and NYC access to fresh and local produce for years to come.

At its peak between 1880 and 1910, Sailors’ Snug Harbor was self-sustaining, producing fresh vegetables through its working farm. One hundred years later, Snug Harbor is trying to accomplish a similar task, by expanding our crop diversity to be culturally competent and with a focus on education and supporting a more equitable food system within our greater community.

In 2021, the Heritage Farm grew over 22,000 pounds of produce in our fields, high tunnel, and two poly houses. We donated around 4,000 lbs of produce to local community partners and 10% of our farm stand sales and CSA purchases were made using SNAP/EBT and P-EBT.  

Every year, we host hundreds of young adults from local high schools, SYEP, the Department of Probation’s YouthWRAP program, and many more community members to help grow and support our farming efforts. Learn how you can volunteer to help out on the farm!