Juneteenth Changemakers

African-American contributions to our nation’s food systems have spanned the entirety of United States history.  American history has been uniquely driven by the dream of the individual’s pursuit of liberty.  However, the noble ideal of individual liberty proves difficult to reconcile with the violent oppression that has persisted since our very earliest days.  This micro-exhibition highlights just a few of the Americans who strengthened our nation by contributing to the resilience of our food system.  We urge each of us to never forget all the souls who remain unrecorded, unheralded, marginalized and oppressed.  The American citizens you meet here were born from enslaved Africans.  Those Africans gave their intellect, strength, insight, and wisdom to sustain the cultures which nourish us today.  

HERShot! Productions collaborated with Snug Harbor Education to highlight these brilliant minds in celebration of JUNETEENTH, also known as African-American Freedom Day or Emancipation Day!   We thank these dedicated people, along with so many others, who have contributed to life as we know it.   Our Featured Changemakers include:

George Washington Carver (c. 1864 – 1943)

Fannie Lou Hamer (1917 – 1977)

Granville T Woods (1856 – 1910)

John Boyd, Jr. (1965 – present)

Martha Jones (19th century)

While slavery is over in the United States, our system of food production is still an area rife with abuse.  We urge you to learn more about where your food comes from, how it’s made, and who makes it.

The HERShot! youth program (www.hershotnyc.com) and HERShot! Productions, LLC (www.hershotproductions.com) are committed to telling visual stories that will educate, entertain and inspire our audience. We aim to create photography and videography that will positively impact our community presently and for years to come. 

Thank you for your support. Please continue to follow what we are doing as we will continue this effort to celebrate the Changemakers, Innovators and Inventors of African descent who have greatly contributed to our country.

This exhibition was powered by Con Edison’s Arts Al Fresco series.

This program is made possible with funding provided by the New York City Council through the Cultural Immigrant Initiative, a program of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Snug Harbor thanks Council Members Joseph Borelli, Steven Matteo and Debi Rose for their generous allocations.