Tips for Visiting

There’s so much to do at Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden!

Whether you’re an arts and culture enthusiast, a family looking to get away, or if you have a soft spot for beautiful botany, there’s something for everyone on our 83-acre historic campus.  Use this handy guide to answer your questions as you plan your visit to Snug Harbor.  If there’s something that’s not answered here, please contact us to ask.

When are you open?
Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden is open seven days a week from dawn to dusk, year round.  However, there are a few particular locations that have different hours.  Learn more here.

How much does it cost to get in? 
Snug Harbor’s main campus is free to enter, but different attractions have different price points. Learn more here.

How old is Snug Harbor?
Snug Harbor is over 180 years old!  Learn more about our site’s history here.  The Noble Maritime Collection in Building D has a remarkable exhibit on the history of Snug Harbor and the lives of the “snugs,” or sailors, who lived here.

Where can I use the restroom?
Public restrooms are located in the bottom floor of Building G (enter via Shinbone Alley) 7 days a week, and the bottom floor of Building P on Mon – Fri from 9 AM – 5 PM.  Restrooms are also available in the Music Hall (Building T) during scheduled performances.

Can I bring my pet?
Yes, to most places on campus.  Only service animals are permitted inside buildings, the NY Chinese Scholar’s Garden, and the Heritage Farm. We discourage people bringing dogs on outdoor tours for the safety and comfort of the other attendees.  Please keep your pet under your supervision and control at all times, leashed from 9 AM – 9 PM, and please clean up after it. The South Meadow lawn is a very popular spot for pet owners–check it out!

I’ve lost something/found something–what do I do?
If you have lost an item, please call (718) 448-2500 and be prepared to provide a description of the item, where it was last seen on campus, your name, and contact information. If you have found an item that a visitor has lost, please call the Snug Harbor Rangers at (718) 816-9691

I love art! Do you have galleries?
Yes- The Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art is the main art gallery on Snug Harbor’s campus, and current exhibits are featured here.  The Staten Island Museum, the Noble Maritime Collection, and Art Lab also have extensive art collections and work on display.  Learn about their hours and admissions here.

Which buildings can I go into? 
We recommend visiting the Staten Island Museum at Building A, the Noble Maritime Collection at Building D, the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art in Buildings C & G, the Staten Island Children’s Museum in Building M, and the Green Gallery in Building P.

The Veteran’s Memorial Hall and the Music Hall are open for performances only.  Others (like Buildings B and E) are under renovation, off limits, or rented by other organizations.  When in doubt, call our main office line at 718-448-2500 to ask.

Is there anything going on this weekend at Snug Harbor?
You bet!  Snug Harbor and our campus partners have programming almost every day.  Check our site calendar to find out what’s happening.

I want to hold my wedding/bat mitzvah/retirement party here. Who do I talk to?
If your event requires catering and furniture setup and has greater than 20 guests, contact Celebrate at Snug Harbor, our on-site catering facility.  If it does not, please contact Jenny Kelly, Snug Harbor’s Business Manager, at

I’m at Snug Harbor, but need assistance/something’s not right/I feel unsafe. What do I do?

Contact Snug Harbor Rangers at (718) 816-9691 to get assistance from our security staff.