WETLANDS_aerial_6787An area that now teeming with plant and animal life, was once an area with man-made channels, tunnels, and a large power plant.  From the early to mid 20th century, the wetland area was dominated by a large industrial power plant whose job was to generate electricity for the site.  Already equipped with a hospital, morgue, and a farm, it was only natural for Snug Harbor to generate its own power.  When Snug Harbor was an active residence for sailors, it was completely self-sufficient.

Now instead of being marked by a giant eyesore, visitors can feast their eyes on hundreds of species of birds.  At sunset, the only place on Staten Island to view a Common Nighthawk is at Snug Harbor.  Contrary to what its name suggests, the Common Nighthawk is not considered a hawk or a strictly nocturnal bird.   Some may know it by its nickname, the “Bull-bat,” appropriately named for its bat-like flight. 

Wetland Image

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