Heritage Farm CSA

***Heritage Farm CSA Shares are SOLD OUT for 2020!  Thank you so much for your support!***

Explore the tastes of Snug Harbor with the Heritage Farm’s new CSA!

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It’s a great new way for YOU to be involved with Snug Harbor’s Heritage Farm! Buying a share in the CSA this spring means that you will be supporting the farm early in the season and reaping the benefits all summer long. During a public health crisis, it is even more important to support local farmers who rely on community support to survive.

Signup and payment deadline: May 27, 2020
Duration of CSA: June 3 – October 14, 2020
Cost: $600 for the season (equivalent of $30/week)

***BONUS: Anyone purchasing a Heritage Farm CSA full share will receive a 15% discount on Plant Sale orders from May 16 – 26, 2020!  Read more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? 

Each week on Wednesday from 4:30 – 7:00 PM, you’ll come to Snug Harbor’s South Meadow Lawn Stage to pick up your produce.  This will be a market-style CSA, so when you arrive, all the veggies will be laid out on a table. We’ll have a sign to explain what options you have to choose from this week, and our Heritage Farm staff will be on hand to give guidance and answer questions.

At certain times of the year, you may get to choose from a few different items; for example a choice of fresh greens (romaine or arugula) or cooked greens (chard or kale) may be available. The share will follow the seasons so you can expect to pick up anywhere from 4 to 15 different items throughout the membership. We will do our best to provide an even amount of produce throughout the program, so you never feel swamped with veggies! Extra items MAY be available for purchase depending on the season, like honey, flowers, microgreens, and stone fruits.

Why a CSA now?

Your local farm is the lifeline for feeding our community the most nutritious produce possible with the lowest carbon footprint. Snug Harbor Heritage Farm is launching a 20-week CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), providing freshly harvested fruits and vegetables through a weekly pick-up membership. For years the Heritage Farm has provided produce to some of the best restaurants in NYC, but disruptions in our food system resulting from COVID-19 have changed our model to focus on feeding our most local community. This is our opportunity to build a resilient food system on Staten Island. Your membership supports hyper-local urban agriculture and Snug Harbor. We look forward to farming for you and your family this season!

Why is the CSA so expensive?

Farms depend upon support at the start of the growing season to make critical purchases of seeds, compost, and tools.  Paying for your produce at the beginning of the season feels expensive, but please remember this is a $30 weekly investment in the freshest produce available.  Your body and our environment will thank you, and the produce will last longer than what you buy at the grocery store.  Your purchase of the CSA will also include a newsletter with information and tips on gardening, cooking, composting, nutrition and more. We recognize that the cost for one CSA share may be too expensive for some individuals and families, and Heritage Farm strives to improve the health of our community. We accept WIC and SNAP, and can make payment plans available on a per case basis. Please email epasackow@snug-harbor.org for more information.

Can I split a share? Or buy a half a share?

You can split a share among neighbors, friends or family. One payment should be made and the details on who will be picking up each share can be sent to epasackow@snug-harbor.org. At this time we only have one size share that will consist of 4-15 different veggies and is suited for a small family or an individual who likes to eat lots of veggies. If you don’t think a share is right for you, you can find us Saturday’s at the St George Greenmarket from May 16-October 17.

Is the produce organic?
The Heritage Farm uses techniques and growing strategies that are in line with USDA Organic Certification, but we are not technically certified. We are a low-till farm that focuses on soil health through the use of cover cropping, crop rotation, and compost use. We don’t spray chemically based pesticides or herbicides–we manage any pest problems through hand removal, beneficial pest integration, and row cover. We plant lots of flowers that attract a variety of pollinators and insects, which keep a healthy balance of detrimental and beneficial critters in the field. If you are curious about some of the other techniques we use, just ask the farmer at the CSA pick-up.

What are you doing to reduce the spread of COVID-19?

We are taking our production operation very seriously by following social distancing regulations set forth by the CDC and working within the guidelines put in place for food producers by the State of New York. We harvest, wash, and package all produce with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and take pride in providing the freshest and cleanest produce possible. While current research shows that the coronavirus does not spread through food or food processing, we still recommend that you wash all produce again at home prior to serving and that you follow good hygiene practices.

What if I don’t recognize or like a product?

Depending on the week, there may be an option to swap out produce for something else, but we encourage people to experiment with new or unfamiliar items. Your CSA membership includes access to an exclusive weekly e-newsletter that will have recipes with the crops that are in season, gardening tips, and other exciting information from Snug Harbor.

What should I bring to collect the produce in my share?
At the Heritage Farm we are working hard to reduce the amount of plastic waste created by our operations. We will provide a reusable bag at the beginning of the season for each member free of charge, and we encourage participants to bring their own reusable vegetable bags for pick up. Those who do will be entered into monthly raffles for a chance to win special Heritage Farm prizes!

What if I can’t pick up my produce on the pickup day?

A neighbor, friend, family can pick up a share if the CSA shareholder cannot, but the member  must communicate the name of the person picking up to epasackow@snug-harbor.org by noon of the pickup day.

Do I have to volunteer or work a shift? 

There are no requirements to work or volunteer with your shift,  Elective volunteer opportunities on the Heritage Farm may be available later in the year.

I am a Snug Harbor member–do I get a discount?

Yes! Snug Harbor members receive a 10% discount for signing up.  Join as a member here, and contact Beth Scannapieco for your member discount code at bscannapieco@snug-harbor.org.