Heritage Farm CSA

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We want to make your CSA experience better and better with each season! Let us know what you want to see us grow. We’re excited about expanding our varieties and options to keep you and your family satisfied. Tell us your thoughts by filling out the CSA survey.

In 2022, 100 shares will be available—so sign up now to reserve your spot!

What is a CSA? A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a subscription program that community members buy into before the growing season begins. This allows the farm to purchase needed materials (like soil and seeds) to begin the season.

A CSA share will allow you and your family to pick up fresh produce grown on the Heritage Farm from Snug Harbor’s Compost Demonstration Site every week for 20 weeks on Thursdays during the growing season.

When does it start? The first pick up will be in June and run until October, for 20 weeks total.

2022 Pricing Scale

Standard Share: $550- This covers your family to enjoy 20 weeks of fresh veggies throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

CSA Champion: $775- Standard Share + ½ share for a community member; this covers your share for 20 weeks plus another community member share for 10 weeks

CSA Community Advocate: $1,100- Standard share + full share for community member; this covers your 20 weeks plus provides a full share to another community member for 20 weeks

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Why does a CSA cost so much?

We are pricing our 2022 CSA in a way that will help create resiliency and equity within our local food system. Did you know that in 2019, over 750,000 NYC residents lived with food insecurity? Thirteen percent of Staten Islanders rely on SNAP (formally food stamps) benefits, using 90% of those benefits by week 3. Those numbers are likely doubled due to COVID-19.

By going the extra mile and purchasing more than just your family’s share, you are able to help someone in your community enjoy the abundant, local, and fresh produce from the Heritage Farm. Working with partner organizations in the North Shore, Snug Harbor will be able to identify our most vulnerable community members and provide them with a CSA share next season. If you have questions or would like to learn more about how we are creating a more equitable food system, please email Farm Manager Ezra Pasackow, at epasackow@snug-harbor.org. Thank you in advance for your help in making our community happy, healthy, and fed!  

Can I volunteer or work a shift on the farm?

We’re glad that so many of our CSA members and supporters are interested in volunteering on the Heritage Farm! We would love for each CSA member, as well as their family, to lend a hand on the farm during the growing season. We are closely watching COVID-19 guidelines and will be able to provide more information about volunteer opportunities in the spring.

What if I am not a CSA member and want to volunteer on the farm?

Please email engagement@snug-harbor.org for more information on volunteering at Snug Harbor, or fill out our volunteer interest form.

Do I have to pay all at once?

No, you can email our Farm Manager at epasackow@snug-harbor.org to make a payment plan. They will be in 4 installments of $137.5. We are also accepting SNAP/EBT and P-EBT. Please reach out if you have questions about paying for your share.

Can I split a share? Or buy a half a share?

You can split a share among neighbors, friends or family. One payment should be made and the details on who will be picking up each share can be sent to epasackow@snug-harbor.org. At this time, we only have one size share that will consist of 5-15 different vegetables and is suited for a small family or an individual who likes to eat lots of vegetables.

Is the produce organic?

The Heritage Farm uses techniques and growing strategies that are in line with USDA Organic Certification, but we are not technically certified. We are a low-till farm that focuses on soil health through the use of cover cropping, crop rotation, low soil disruption techniques, and compost use. We don’t spray synthetically made pesticides or herbicides–we manage any pest problems through hand removal, beneficial plant integration, and row cover. We plant lots of flowers that attract a variety of pollinators and insects, which keep a healthy balance of detrimental and beneficial critters in the field. If you are curious about some of the other techniques we use, just ask our farmers at the CSA pick-up.

What are you doing to reduce the spread of COVID-19?

We are taking our production operation very seriously by following social distancing regulations set forth by the CDC and working within the guidelines put in place for food producers by the State of New York. We will update our members on the newest policies and procedures in spring 2022 before the CSA begins.

What if I don’t recognize or like a product?

Depending on the week, there may be an option to swap out produce for something else, but we encourage people to experiment with new or unfamiliar items. Your CSA membership includes a weekly e-newsletter that will have recipes with the crops that are in season, gardening tips, and other exciting information from Snug Harbor. Also feel free to ask the farm staff how they like to prepare and enjoy the produce!

What if I can’t pick up my produce on the pickup day?

A neighbor, friend, family can pick up a share if the CSA shareholder cannot, but the member must communicate the name of the person picking up to epasackow@snug-harbor.org by noon the day before pickup.

Are there any discounts to join?

Yes! Snug Harbor Members and Snug Harbor Staff receive a 10% discount for signing up.  Join as a member here.